Ampeg Authentic Original Series:
New Dan Armstrong Plexi

Unique clear Plexiglass body style with a hard maple neck, solid rosewood bridge, a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard, and a unique neck joint for full access through two octaves. The headstock incorporates Grover die cast tuners.

In 1969 the Horizontal Basses were replaced by the Dan Armstrong-designed and -built “See Through” guitars and basses. The guitars incorporated snap-in replaceable pickups to change the sound, and the short-scale basses used two stacked coils with a pan pot to gain a very wide range of tones.

The see-through lucite bodies were Armstrong’s original idea and contributed to incredibly long sustain but were very heavy. They were quickly copied by other companies. Production of the “See Through” instruments ended in 1971 due to financial disagreements between Armstrong and Ampeg over amplifier designs.

Dan Armstrong Clear Guitar

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