Taylor Guitars is an El Cajon California based luthier.

In 1973, at age 18, Bob Taylor began working at American Dream, a small guitar-making shop owned by Sam Radding where Kurt Listug was already an employee. In 1974 Sam Radding decided to sell the business. Taylor and Listug became partners along with Steve Schemmer and bought American Dream which they renamed Westland Music Company hoping to conjure the image of a larger company in the minds of the public.

Needing a more compact logo suitable for the guitars’ headstock, the founders decided to change the name to Taylor as it sounded more American than Listug and because as Kurt Listug put it, “Bob was the real guitar-maker.” Listug became the businessman of the partnership for which he was to prove well suited while Bob Taylor concentrated on design and production. Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug expanded their small shop into a major guitar manufacturing company while maintaining creative control and ownership.

As of 2006 Taylor Guitars has more than 450 employees. The factory is located in El Cajon, California with worldwide distribution. A second plant has been opened 40 miles away in Mexico where the smallest guitars of the Taylor line, the Baby and Big Baby are made along with the Taylor guitar cases. All other Taylor guitars are made in El Cajon, California.

Taylor produces acoustic guitars in the following body shapes:

  • Dreadnoughts (x10)
  • Grand Concert (x12)
  • Grand Auditorium (x14) – Also available in 12-string (x54)
  • Jumbo (x15) – Also available in 12-string (x55)
  • Grand Symphony (GS)
  • Also Available is Taylor’s Expression System, a proprietary hybrid pickup system.

  • Taylor also produces the T5 hollow-body electric guitar and the K4 guitar preamplifier.

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