Alesis is a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments owned by Numark and based in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

The products manufactured by Alesis are mainly for studio and live performance (as opposed to practice) use and are targeted at professional and semi-professional musicians.

Alesis is known for budget equipment but has sometimes produced surprisingly high-quality and innovative gear such as the Nano-Synth, Nano-Bass, Nano-Piano Andromeda A6 analog synthesizer and software analog modeling synthesizer called Ion. The Micron is based on the Ion.

Alesis X Guitar image
The full scale X guitar features 80 editable guitar presets. Includes headphone and line outputs, 28 bit effects, delays, amp & cabinet models, chorus, flanger, reverb, rotary speaker, & built in digital tuner. One humbucker, two stacked single coil pickups, five position selector switch, master volume & two tone controls.

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